Robbie Diggs – Bass Work

Ok, yes, all of these pictures are of me playing drums. See bio below for explanation!

About Me

I come from a very musical family and have been playing music since age 8. Starting with piano lessons, then on to drums, which was my main instrument for 2 decades, learned guitar at 13 and naturally picked up bass around the same time. I can even pull off a little flute. Even though drums were always my main focus, I was always getting moved over to bass in different bands throughout school and college. Even though I majored in percussion in college, I was given extra $$ to move to bass in their jazz band so I must’ve been doing something right haha…

I took a break from music for a while and have decided to turn back to it, but now for a few different reasons I want to commit full-time to bass. I’ve been blessed with a near perfect ear and can pick up most anything on the spot, on a few different instruments, and feel I bring a solid musical opinion to the table as well, as far as writing and arranging goes, if my opinion is welcomed.

Some of my favorite groups and influences in no particular order: Rush, Death Cab, Chili Peppers, John Mayer, Dawes, Nada Surf, Porcupine Tree, Mutemath, Steely Dan, Radiohead, just to name a few…

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